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the place where veins meet

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Aug. 31st, 2006 | 11:02 pm
posted by: bad_mushroom in les_cannettes

and if you wept she wouldn’t care
she wanted you and she wanted you and she
ran her fingers through your hair.
and sometimes you are like midnight
and sometimes you wonder
is there life beyond the lamplight?

she is both dawn and dusk she
would leave the empty husk
of you at my feet.
if there was ever a bad choice
it was you, smooth as silk and full of voice
and laughter as you skim the surface
of the place where veins meet.

and if you smiled she wouldn’t care
I would love you and love you and you
never would run your pale fingers through my hair.
and sometimes I am like daylight
and sometimes I paint the brim of the world
as it fades into deep night.

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